The Face on Mars Is REAL!
Lion-like Image Revealed in NASA Photo

April  8, 1998

New York. EDT 9:05:52 PM

by Ignatius Graffeo,  UFOSEEK Editor.


      NASA can't hide the truth any longer,  there's no mistaking the image of a Lion's face and ornamental headdress when the photo is viewed in its proper orientation. The photo was released by NASA late Monday night after they had posted the afternoon image, which at the time appeared to be the final word about the Face on Mars. The news media rushed to judgement and declared the photo as conclusive evidence proving the face was just a fanciful illusion, nothing but a natural formation of rocks.  This was the end of it.  They were wrong.  It's only the beginning!

      The 22 year controversy is over and The Face won!  Richard C. Hoagland should receive all the credit for his courageous and invaluable work over the past 2 decades. Hoagland inferred to a radio audience of over 15 million listeners on the Art Bell Show on Monday night that the face had feline characteristics. He didn't elaborate too much as the show was winding down but it left me wondering where he saw such features.

      NASA: cydonia1tp face.gif

Tonight, I studied the new images and thought the second NASA photograph looked like a negative, so I inverted the image. To my shock, the surface features suddenly stood out and the lighting looked natural. I rotated the image 38 degrees so that the face would be aligned vertically to the observer. There it was! I am truly amazed by the image. It was there all along, but I think NASA already knew that. NASA's posting of the first "baited" photo on the Internet was intended to dispel the public's interest in the Face, in so doing, concealed the truth about the later one. The second picture does not lie. It has some very interesting features not apparent in the Viking photos.


Same image rotated 38 degrees and  inverted.

The raw NASA image was not altered. I colorized it to make the features more apparent. The impression of a face is very striking. It has all the qualities you would expect to see in a face. There is even an arched eyebrow on the left side above the eye socket! A pupil is plainly visible. There's also a very clear and distinct eye on the right. It's remarkably human-like. Yet it has a cat-like nose and even striations on the cheek like whiskers! The mouth is unmistakably feline. It curls naturally. The Sphinx-like aspect of the face may be seen when the sun strikes it from certain angles at times of the day and year. The base around the plateau is perfectly symmetrical and is distinctively artificial in appearance. Note the geometrically bevelled lines at the lower part of the foundation.  There is no question that what you see is not a natural formation or trick of light. It was designed by whomever to play on the sunlight! It is a dynamic sculpture that demonstrates beyond pure chance that the artifact was constructed by an ancient race of intelligent beings.

We are now at the threshold of a new era and a turning point in our own evolution. I know we, as a civilization, are mature enough to handle it. The Face on Mars IS real!

 1998 by Ignatius Graffeo.  Reproduction or transmission without the expressed consent of the author is prohibited.

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