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Tampa Home Video Shows Details
of Large Triangle Craft

October 8, 1999
Ignatius Graffeo, UFOSEEK.org

       The Fox-13 TV 10PM news report of September 7th was perhaps the best late prime-time news story broadcast in recent memory concerning a UFO sighting. The two news anchors appeared serious and concerned, presenting all sides of the sighting. However, the story as a whole left the viewer somewhat confused and drew a questionable conclusion saying it was "the rocket's red glare." Definitely not so if you review the video.

       Booster debris or space junk reentering and burning up in the atmosphere do not have multi-colored signal lights flashing, hover, then go straight up, nor are triangular-shaped, level-flying objects. Numerous explanations have been given that the sightings must be an item from NORAD's satellite "predicted debris" catalog list. The Tampa video appears to be an object that is under intelligent control, not a burning hunk of space junk.

       A more plausible explanation is whoever or whatever is flying these triangular craft KNOW about the falling rocket booster and satellite debris schedules and are using them as windows of opportunity for their flight maneuvers. This would explain the multiple sightings and the irreconcilable discrepancies in the eyewitness descriptions.

       The Fox-13 video tape is much more clearer than the Avi and RealPlay conversions on this page. However, the characteristic triangular shape is evident even in the conversion copies to AVI and REAL format. You must not simply look at a "flat picture" but perceive the subtle highlights and linear perspective of the object in the video as it moves with the brighter areas. Watch the 2 lights on the left side of the object very carefully.

       Two photos and a video clip were selected from a portion of the home video taken by John Vye on the morning of September 7th. The video was shot in the early morning, just before sunrise. The sky at the time of the event was still dark.

       The craft displays distinctive lights, especially at the corners, which reflect off its metallic-looking frame revealing its symmetrical, triangular shape. The upper surface area appears to be a structural matrix of some kind. If you view the video, you will clearly see 2 lights blinking-- alternating red, white, green and amber on the left wing section, and a larger white light pulsate on the front of the object. The craft seems to be moving from left to right.

       I'm amazed how such a sighting could be mistaken for a rocket booster re-entering the atmosphere! The craft was observed to be moving very slowly. It tilts and reorients itself. This is not what a falling rocket booster does! The news report is rife with disinformation and confusion. It is truly frightening how this type of craft can flaunt itself in our skies and be explained away and dismissed so easily. This video speaks for itself.

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Tampa UFO Sighting Update

       The video tape of the FOX-13 Tampa September 7th news report arrived today. Seeing it again confirmed my original impression when I first saw the news broadcast that evening. It is definitely NOT a disintegrating rocket booster or a meteor!! The video clearly shows a closeup of a gun-metal-gray "V," triangular or wedge-shaped craft. It is perhaps the best video ever taken of this type of sighting. It is not a bright light or a flash across the sky. It's an unbelievable film of a huge craft that is slow moving and stealthy. It looks like a surveillance type of UFO or Black Project plane.

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It's Those 'Russian Boosters' Again!!

       Did anyone happen to catch the report Tuesday, Sept 7 on FOX TV News? Many people in the Tampa, Florida area (Manatee County) witnessed a sighting which was explained by "officials" here as a Russian booster rocket falling into the Gulf after a satellite launch. They showed a video of the UFO and it looked like a triangular type UFO, not a simple piece of space junk! (I suppose Russian rocket booster debris falling over the continental US near populated areas is nothing to worry about then?)

     Witnesses, according to the report, said at one point during the sighting the UFO hovered motionless and then ascended rapidly out of view. I have requested a transcript of the news report and video from FOX 13 News. Not certain when it will be forthcoming. Will post more information when it becomes available.



But I don't buy this explanation ; (

Do you?

Seems like these "booster" rockets are a convenient cover story. It used to be meteors, temperature inversions, swamp gas, or the planet Venus. Now it's Russian boosters. If this is true, why aren't our local civil defense authorities concerned about warning people in populated areas on falling booster tonnage? And why are "Russian" boosters all of a sudden falling across US territory?? That last "booster" (item # 25761) which fell over the Western part of the country wasn't even in NORADS catalog!

Those "official" mainstream newspaper stories seem cut from the same mold. An explanation given by a MUFON director about a "catalog part number" didn't check out on the NORAD list (see the above diligently researched example). Where is the "proof" of their report? Our present-day news coverage amounts to nothing more than an insult to our intelligence and is a systematic and insidious coverup. In plain English, a lie. A controlled disinformation tactic delivered by the media to dissuade the general public from becoming too concerned about something which the government wants to keep a lid on for whatever reason. We do have the right to demand the truth about what the hell is going on in our skies!


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